Our Vision

ixoqi, pronounced ee-sho-kee is a Maya indigenous word for women.

ixoqi.com exists to invest in people directly. That's why every purchase you make will help empower skilled artisans (mostly women) and small business owners to pursue opportunities in new international markets and continue investing in their local communities. 

We seek to build partnerships with family- and community-driven cooperatives to source beautifully crafted, durable and high quality products that are alternatives to mass production. 

The vision at ixoqi.com is simple: 

Artisan Made & Artisan Trade

We believe we can make a positive impact and contribute to growing socioeconomic opportunities, in some of the world's poorer countries, through social enterprises in the global markets.

Our personal ethos is one of buying quality over quantity, handmade over machine-made, celebrating culture and creativity, and applying social enterprise to a growing movement of slow fashion that connects local and global markets.