Welcome to ixoqi, we are really happy you are here!

This is a love project by two UK-based girls of proud Guatemalan roots. Suzette founded ixoqi in 2016 as her own outlet for social entrepreneurship and creativity, and Rocío joined her in 2017, following her passion for Guatemalan talent and seeking women empowerment. 

At ixoqi.com all of our products are handmade in Guatemala, by Guatemalan artisans and using Guatemalan materials exclusively. We aim to create a market for highly skilled Maya artisans; 99.9% of our products were handcrafted by Mayan indigenous artisans with skills passed down to them by their ancestors after centuries and centuries of weaving tradition.

We are inspired by both the beauty and the business of craft. It was that restless inspiration that led us to create this online e-commerce space dedicated to unique, small-scale producers: individual artists, family-owned workshops, and artisan cooperatives. 

Every item for sale has been hand picked from artisan families and cooperatives in Guatemala by us. We hope you love them as much as we do, enjoy!

Suzette at the New World Crafts trade show in Guatemala     Rocio in Antigua Guatemala