We primarily work with artisans based in Guatemala, Central America. Guatemala is a country rich in textile traditions, techniques and is blossoming with news fusion of modern aesthetics. 

Building Relationships

Our process is dynamic and focuses on building long-term relationships with the artisan cooperatives and brands who supply our shop. The production process is multi-dimensional where each individual in a cooperative is responsible for a specialised part in the production process. An item starts with thread warping, fabric weaving, and then it is passed along for pattern cutting, sewing and the final touches. Although we live far away, we are in constant communication - thanks to the textile gods for Whatsapp and Hangouts! 

Local passions gone global

Different regions within the country specialise in different techniques and weaving styles, depending on the local traditions and historical designs. The amount of time it can take to produce a single hand-made product also depends on the material needed and the techniques used, such as the backstrap looms vs foot looms. In general it can take up to two weeks to weave 40yards of fabric, with some cushion time built in - pun intended :)

Reams of fabric are passed along for cutting, sewing, tailoring and final embroidered touches where needed. The textile products we source from our artisan network can take on average four to six weeks to produce and pass through multiple hands, with each artisan master adding their layer of passion. 

Our job at our shop is to bring a little bit of Central America to you, and to showcase unique global artisan talent.